The Power of Ballot Initiatives

Several months ago, I remember someone saying that “there are people who criticize the association, yet the same people who criticize the association do nothing.” I am a type of person that likes to see effective change that benefits the deputies and I have shared ideas with association presidents past and present. I have been attending many of the general membership meeting this year and I am officially and proudly a shop steward. I want to share a way with you, that other associations frequently use to get more. 

The Secret to Effecting Change:

In February, I researched which I believe is a valuable tool that should be used to better our wages, retirement, secure our jobs, and add additional jobs to our department. This tool other agencies have used to their advantage. The tool I am referring to is using ballot initiatives. I placed this idea on the February association general membership meeting agenda and gave a presentation on the subject at the meeting.  This same tool SFPOA/PD had used it approximately 157 times, and SFFFA/FD had used it approximately 140 times. We SFDSA/SD, however, have used this tool 15 times.

At the general membership meeting on February 9th, I spoke about how this idea came about from a simple conversation with other association members at SFGH. We had grand ideas in our conversation from City College Campus Police take over, Park Ranger take over, getting back Station Transfers and more.  Some of the same ideas that are listed in our Collective Bargaining Agreement under the Law Enforcement Committee but have not come to fruition.  These ideas that have stalemated over the years, can be implemented by being voted in by the people of San Francisco.

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See Collective Bargaining Agreement

In the past we made some attempts at ballot initiatives. Examples; In 1989 the association placed Prop K on the ballot and in 2004 the DSA placed Prop F in the ballot. We did not win Prop K but we did win Prop F and we were included into the Public Safety category A8.590-1.  You may be wondering why Prop K didn’t pass.  Just by reviewing it, in my opinion, it may have been too much at one time.  It was a valiant effort in 1989, and whoever put that together I applaud them for trying to move us forward.  That was a very big deal to me, to see that effort for change back in 1989. It really shows what the members want.  Matter of fact, I hear the same wants to this day, but few people are doing anything about it.  How do we win something like Prop K?  Break it down into smaller pieces and implement ballot initiatives over time.

I think many people want to help and effect change but they are faced with obstacles and delays.  I don’t understand why that is.  If given the opportunity, I will do everything in my power to make effective beneficial change.

In closing, I would like to say I am a person with experience, a person you can depend on, a person that will voice the concerns of and represent each and everyone one of you, a person that will put in 110% is the type of person you need in serving as your DSA President.

I would be honored if you would vote for me as your President.

Best regards,

Ken Lomba

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