Past Behavior is a Prediction of Future Behavior

Vote for LombaWithin the last 6 months, I have presented ideas that would be beneficial to our membership.  In January of 2016, I made a decision to do more for the association. I started attending the association meeting in Jan and by February I decided to become a Shop Steward. In February, I researched which I believe is a valuable tool that should be used to better our wages, retirement, secure our jobs, and add additional jobs to our department. This tool other agencies have used to their advantage. The tool I am referring to is using ballot initiatives. I placed this idea on the February association general membership meeting agenda and gave a presentation on the subject at the meeting.

This same tool SFPOA/PD had used it approximately 157 times, and SFFFA/FD had used it approximately 140 times. We SFDSA/SD, however, have used this tool 15 times. At the general membership meeting on February 9th, I spoke about how this idea came about from a simple conversation with other association members at SFGH. That day I started the Ballot Initiative Committee. After a month of research, I taught the Executive Board, Shop Stewards and members that were at the meeting how to place a ballot initiative on the ballot for vote at no cost.

In April, several members and I proposed a bylaw update. For ease and security purposes, we proposed to update a 1999 bylaw article to modernize our voting process. Approximately 250 members signed our signature drive to update the voting process. We are currently working on this to make it happen.

As you can see any member can submit a bylaw change by following the bylaw amendment article XXIII.  Once you have followed the above steps, it states, “The Secretary SHALL mail to each board member copies of the proposed bylaw change. The Shop Stewards will pass out the ballots to members they represent.  The ballots shall be returned via ballot boxed and counted at the general body meeting”  You are a paying dues member and have membership rights.  You have the right to do this and the right to vote on the bylaw change.  Currently, the Secretary has not mailed out the copies of the bylaw change nor have they placed the ballots/ballot boxes out for members to vote on the Elections bylaw change which incorporates Online Voting.  This bylaw change per the Bylaw Amendment XXIII is the decision of the members and should not be stopped as long as it complies with state law.  At the May and June 2016 general body meeting, the Union attorney stated that the Elections bylaw change can go to membership vote.  The beauty of this is that even if there is a small error or if we wanted to add something to it and make a small change, it can be done easily by following the above process but once Online Voting by a secure third-party voting service is initiated anything voted on can happen a lot quicker, easier, less labor intensive and the turn around time would be a lot faster moving the Union business along quickly.

Also in April I started a Shop Stewards Training Tips email. I send training tips on Roberts Rules of Order and other important topics to the shop stewards.

In June, I conducted a review of our collective bargaining agreement based on information from members on a change in regards to Staffing Levels.  I found that the original staffing level language from the 2012-2014 collective bargaining agreement was removed from the 2014-2017 collective bargaining unit and replaced with new language.  I discovered that the Union signed a  Tentative Agreement on May 2, 2014 agreeing to this change.  Also I had found that the original Entry and Promotional Qualifications language from the 2012-2014 collective bargaining agreement was removed from the 2014-2017 collective bargaining unit completely during the contract negotiation process.  I discovered that the Union signed a  Tentative Agreement on April 24, 2014 agreeing to this removal.

In closing, I would like to say I am a person with experience, a person you can depend on, a person that will voice the concerns of and represent each and everyone one of you, a person that will put in 110% is the type of person you need in serving as your DSA President.

I would be honored if you would vote for me as your President.

Best regards,

Ken Lomba

See all of my 25 years of law enforcement experience here.

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