New Evidence of Cerbone’s Weak Contract Negotiations

I have been reviewing many contracts this week and I found that during the 2 Year Contract Extension Negotiations at the beginning of 2017 a Machinist/Automotive Union Beat Us in contract negotiations.  You all know how I feel about the 2 year Contract Extension and the Big Scare to vote Yes on it by the DSA President.  I felt it was a WEAK offer and a WEAK Deal made by the DSA President even after our initial vote on it was No.  Based on my research I found we had many reasons to get more and the biggest and most powerful reason was our Staffing Crisis.  We could have used that to have gotten us A LOT MORE!

Here is a quick review on what Cerbone negotiated.

  1.  We got the same raise as approximately 24 other unions.  In summary it was 3% on July 2017 and maybe 3% on July 2018, if the city projects less than a $200 Million Dollar deficit.  If they project more than a $200 Million Dollar deficit than raise will not go into affect until January 2019.   So keep in mind if that happens, you get 0% increase from July 2018 to January 2019.  If that occurs, and you average out the raise over 2 years, it now becomes a 4.5% raise over the 2 year period.  (See page 1 Bold Underlined Paragraphs.)
  2. Market Wage Adjusted was Suspended.  On page 2 of our contract extension agreement, it clearly states suspended from July 1, 2017 to June 30th, 2019.  What you need to know about this is that the MWA is completed by May 15th and effective by June 25th. (see paragraph 4 page 2 of contract extension agreement)   This was another BIG MISTAKE by Cerbone, he allowed it to be suspended and secondly the suspension date of June 30th prevents us from getting a Market Wage Adjustment in 2019.  (see last bold paragraph page 2 of contract extension agreement)  As it stated in the contract payout is June 25th on the MWA and ours is suspended until June 30th, so technically we are not eligible for a Market Wage Adjustment until June 25, 2020.  Also 2019 is a contract negotiations year beginning in January and ending by June, so what do you think the city will go after?  My guess is they will attempt to reduce the payout of the MWA, because everyone around us is getting raises so their will be a payout in 2020.  The POA understands the power of market wage adjustments not only do they have it in their contract, they also have one in the City Charter.  This will be a future article.
  3. And finally the Weak 9 Month Senior Deputy Vacation book which expires at the end of the contract and has to be renegotiated.  That alone is an example of pure weakness.  Why would you agree to an expiration date, so it always has to be renegotiated (see bold paragraph page 3 of contract extension) and secondly why can’t he get a 12 month vacation book for the Senior Deputies?  He is allowing global drafts and cross division detailing.  And what happened to the Senior Deputy Exam that was supposed to be announced now?  

Here is our 2 Year Contract Extension and I will show you what Union out smarted Cerbone on wages.  Technically they have all outsmarted Cerbone, because none of them gave up a wage increase like we did when he suspended the Market Wage Adjustment, but their was one in particular that got even more during this negotiation process.


You will see here that the Machinist & Automotive Trade Union received the same cookie cutter raise for their members in 2014 to 2019. Next I will show you how they got more.


Look at this, the Machinist and Automotive Trade Union negotiated an additional 1.15% wage adjustment increase for the Auto Body & Paint Workers.  A Non Law Enforcement Agency outsmarted Cerbone’s contract negotiations and we have an Emergency Staffing Crisis.  While you are working excessively effecting/jeopardizing your health, and taking time out of your life away from your family and friends, other unions got better contracts.


Lets Fast Forward to current news.

This could have been us! If I negotiated the contract extension for you, we could have gotten more than 6%. Two unions successfully got a lot more, SEIU got 12% over 3yrs for janitors recently and now 16% over 3yrs for teachers


When You Settle for Less, You Get Less!

No More Excuses, Just Progress!

Lomba for DSA President


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