New CCSF Benefit – Best Doctors Medical Advise

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Best Doctors Medical Advise

Are you making the right medical decision?

When you’re facing a critical medical decision – whether an important health question or a serious diagnosis – getting it right is everything. We make it happen. Best Doctors connects you to more than 50,000 world-renowned medical experts. As a result, you’re sure you have the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment.


Have a Best Doctors expert conduct an in-depth free and confidential review of your medical case.

Have your case reviewed by one of our Best Doctors through our InterConsultation® service and get a confidential expert report, including recommendations for the best course of action.

Get expert advice about medical treatment.

Get advice about a personal health challenge or medical condition from an expert physician with our Ask the Expert℠ service. Your questions are answered by a doctor who understands your unique situation.

Find a Best Doctor near you.

Find a specialist you can trust with our Find a Best Doctor℠ service. You have access to 50,000+ medical experts voted best-in-class by other physicians.

Explore your treatment options before making a decision.

Make the best treatment decisions with Best Doctors. Know all your options – including drugs and medical procedures – before taking action.  We can help with everything from minor surgery to major issues like cancer and heart disease.

Is there a better treatment? Do I really need surgery? Is Doctor missing something? How can I be sure?

If you’re facing medical uncertainty consider these facts:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 people are misdiagnosed
  • 68% need a change in treatment
  • 38% of our members were able to avoid proposed surgeries

Before you move ahead, let a top-rated Best Doctor perform an expert review of your medical case. The expert will either confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan or recommend critical changes.

To get started, call Best Doctors at 1-866-904-0910 or visit

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