My First 100 Days Plan of Action

Lomba for President

First 100 Days:

  1. I Will make these Priority DSA Issues; Get us more money, Fix the Staffing Shortage, Stop Cross Division Detailing, Stop the Global Draft, Return Seniority Rights, Replace Aging and Unsafe Vehicles, Increase Training Hours with Job Related Training, Secured Parking

  2. I Will have three professionals audit our contract to identify weaknesses and get their recommendations to strengthen our contract.

  3. Anything that is not pensionable in our Contract, I Will work at making it pensionable. For future contracts, pensionable incentives will be a priority, fixing longevity pay for the new Deputies, I will work to obtain a incentive pay for FOD, Muster Prep Pay for Senior Deputies, Assistant Watch Commander Pay for Senior Deputies, Retention Incentive at 20 years, Retention Incentive at 25 years, Hiring Bonus, Fitness incentives, Parking Reimbursements, make Vacation and Holiday considered as Work Time in CBA to reduce straight time O/T, Property Bonuses if you purchase or rent a home in SF, fix the Senior Deputy Vacation book so it is 12 months with no expiration date and increase our Uniform Allowance .

  4. I Will research our 8302 Miscellaneous Probationary Period SFERS retirement to either move it to CALPERS or conduct a Ballot Initiative to move it to Sheriffs SFERS which is a higher pay out.

  5. I Will add two additional services for you. We will have a Workers Comp Legal Adviser and a Harassment Legal Adviser. If you have any problems with Harassment/Retaliation or DP/Workers Comp process you will have professional help. Something as simple as a phone call or letter from our legal adviser during a difficult time may resolve the matter.

  6. I Will Cut Financial Waste. No more frivolous or indecisive lawsuits. When we have a lawsuit it will be fought to WIN! Financial Records will be detailed and transparent. Everything I do will be to get you better wages, benefits, better working conditions and to make the DSA Stronger.

  7. I Will start a Public Relations Campaign to increase awareness of our Heroic Acts, our Charity Events, our Participation in the Public so the voters know who we are and all the good we do.

  8. I Will have Training for the Members on what you should know about the Peace Officer Bill of Rights and Internal Affairs.

  1. I Will provide Training to the Executive Board and Shop Stewards related to their tasks and job.

  2. I Will start functional Committees to help the members and DSA:

    (All members welcome to join)

    1. Investigations Committee to investigate and assist with grievances, policy issues, contract and labor agreement issues.

    2. Public Relations Committee to develop ideas on public events. (Teddy Bears for Kids, Fingerprint ID Kits for children, helping the elderly, helping the low income)

    3. Research and Development Committee to research new ideas, ballot initiatives, DSA expansion, Dept Expansion, Positive Work Condition Changes

    4. Budget & Finance Committee to act as an oversight committee to the DSA’s expenditures.

    5. Entertainment Committee to set up events for members so we can come together and have a great time.

Lomba for President

No More Excuses, Just Progress

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