If Cerbone took a Lie Detector Test, would this be the Result?

Let’s take a look at Eugene Cerbone’s claims on his flyer and compare them to the city documents.

Cerbone’s flyer stated these are his accomplishments on behalf of the DSA and the members.  

  1. Cerbone states he negotiated the current contract and the extension for a 15.5% wage increase.

Here’s the Truth over the last 4 years, Cerbone has gotten us the same raise as the Cadets and up to 24 other unions.  These were Cookie Cutter contract deals that he had accepted.

2014 – 24 Unions got the same raise

2017 – 24 Unions got the same raise and Cerbone Suspended our Market Wage Adjustment which would have gotten us an additional increase of 1%, 2% or more.  Now this is a Loss to our wages going forward.

3. Cerbone Claims he won the senior deputy vacation book. 

What he did not tell you was this; This was such a poor deal their is even an expiration date on it so it has to be re-negotiated and he only got 9 months out of 12 after giving up control of the staffing level minimums to the sheriff (see Staffing level Change details), gave up rank skipping (leap frog see details), gave up our Retroactive Muster Pay approx. $2 Million dollars (approx $6000 each per member see details) and accepting a cookie cutter wage in 2014, 2017 and suspended our Market Wage Adjustment. 

6. Cerbone says he fought for and won earn and burn comp time.

In 2014 his letter to the members stating SFDSA Contract Update states:  He traded off carrying over your comp. time when you promote.  This changed to now you can only carry over 40 over of comp. time if you promote, in order to get the earn and burn.  Not much of a fight and win especially after all the giveaways I mentioned above.  When you look at the SFDSA Contract Update document you will notice Cerbone never told the members about the Staffing level language change and removal of Entry Level and Promotional Qualifications

7.  Cerbone says he was instrumental in the creation of a professional web page. 

I am not sure if “instrumental in the creation” is the correct phrase for what he did when he copied pages of the DSA website I had created and moved them into a new website built by 911 media.

11.  Cerbone states put us back in plan 1 (best) for legal coverage.

This did not help Deputy Martin when he was terminated.  Nor did Cerbone reach out to help him.

12. Cerbone said he settled all prior lawsuits.

Why is he settling lawsuits and not winning them?

13.  Cerbone stated he protected minimum staffing.

After Cerbone changed the staffing minimum language in 2014 their has been a lot of staffing minimum grievances.  Before this change the language was strong and if violated it would have been a winning breach of contract lawsuit.  Now with Cerbone’s change it was weakened and he gave the sheriff power to adjust it in our contract, thus all the grievances.  To me, this is not protecting the minimum staffing.

As you can see in the above, history has repeated itself with Cerbone’s weak contract negotiating. His past behavior shows a pattern of his methods and results.  When we as a membership, settle for less, we get less.

In present time, you see his fight or lack of fight on the fair share overtime, his lack of fight in stopping cross division detailing, his lack of fight in returning seniority rights, his lack of fight with the emergency level of low staffing.  


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