How to file a Grievance – Samples and Forms

blackandyellowleadershipRecently, I have helped an association member follow up on a grievance that was supposed to have been submitted to the U.S.  As I looked into this matter, I discovered that the person that said they wrote a grievance and sent it to the U.S. never did.  When it comes to serious matters like this, I recommend you write and file your own grievances this will guarantee it gets done.

I will place the instructions in this post on the grievance procedure steps.   Also in this post will be a link to downloadable a grievance form. If you would like a copy of a Sample Grievance, please contact me, it will give you ideas and you can see the steps in the process.  I have also located some helpful grievance checklists and worksheets from another association which we can adopt to assist and use to write a solid grievance.

1st Step  the procedure.  The grievance procedure is written in the Collective Bargaining Agreement starting on page 8.  

2nd Step Complete a Grievance Form.  Download this form.

Downloadable Association Grievance Form


3rd Step download the Example Grievance  Checklist 

Grievance Checklist by Ken Lomba on Scribd


4th Step download the Grievance Worksheet

Grievance Worksheet by Ken Lomba on Scribd



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