2014 Contract Negotiation Documents:

  1.  2014 Contract Highlights Cerbone did NOT mention these take aways
  2. Staffing Level Wording change 
  3. 18 Year 2% Longevity Pay – Scott Osha Voted Yes on
  4. Removal of Entry Level and Promotional Qualifications
  5. DSA Attorney Hoffman stated the Muster Pay Settlement obtained us favorable compensation (but you can see below we got the same raise as 24 other unions)
  6. Attorney Mastagni stated we would have received 2 years back pay and OT going forward for Muster. If grievance did not give us a good raise then we settled for NOTHING.
  7. Everyone Got the Same Raise, same as 24 other unions, same as the Cadets and Gardners


2017 Contract Negotiation Documents:

Two year contract extension – 24 Unions got the same


Senior Deputy/LT Exam Lawsuit Documents:

  1. Lawsuit Case Number: CPF14514030 Page 4 refrences Entry Level and Pomotinal Qualification in Dept Policy 03-49 because Cerbone removed it from our contract
  2. Unfair Labor Practice Complaint
  3. Grievance
  4. City Response to Lawsuit claiming Unclean Hands and Consent
  5. Unfair Labor Practice Dismissed due to No Response from DSA
  6. Arbitration Closed with Prejudice due to No Response from the DSA
  7. Lawsuit Register of Actions Stagnant No Hearing Date, No Declaration Statements


Cerbone sues Lomba & Aguerre using DSA Members Money:

  1. Cerbone Sues Members with DSA Members Money Lawsuit
  2. Lomba’s statement
  3. Cerbone’s statment
  4. Lawsha’s statement
  5. Lomba Wins Scare Tactic Lawsuit


Fair (Forced) Share Overtime Lawsuit: